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Dems Go 2 for 2 in State House Races

Dan Miller and Kevin Schreiber

Democrats won 2 state House special elections Tuesday night in safe districts. Dan Miller, an attorney, will replace Matt Smith in Allegheny County. Economic Development official Kevin Schreiber will replace Eugene DePasquale in York.

Smith serves in the the state Senate and DePasquale is Pennsylvania’s new Auditor General. Both were elected in November 2012.

Miller, an attorney and close political ally of Smith, won 57% to 37% over Dan Remely in the district that primarily comprises Mt. Lebanon. Remely is a member of Mt. Lebanon school board.

Schreiber, the the Director of the Economic Development Department in York’s Redevelopment Authority, won 53% to 39% over Brian Tate. Tate is the Vice President of Philanthropy at the York County Community Foundation. The district mostly comprises the city of York.

They’ll be sworn in just in time for budget season.

It’s a healthy warm up round for state Rep. Tim Briggs (D-Montco), who took the reins of the House Democratic Campaign Committee a few months ago.

But the stakes weren’t terribly high. Republicans didn’t make a concerted push in either district, both of which are safe for Democrats and will grow even more blue thanks to redistricting.